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IFC Markets Review

A Reliable Brokerage Partner

Are you finding a brokerage company? Easy. It is finding a brokerage partner that works for you? Now that’s a challenge. To this cause, let us assist you in making the choice—the good choice. This feature looks into a specific brokerage firm that, to our opinion, based on its services and reputation, qualifies as a viable option: IFC Markets. Here are IFC Markets’ capabilities and qualifications that would allow you to make the right decision.

The following will be discussed at length in this short article:

IFC Markets

First, the question must be asked: What are IFC Markets exactly? 

IFC Markets is a brokerage company with over 20,000 customers. They had been in the industry for the past 12 years. Within its decade’s worth of tenure, the company had provided various trading tools and strategies intending to make trading speedy and efficient. With its expansive services, the traders who enlist their aid are given multiple chances to excel in the industry. 

IFC Markets is a part of the IFCM Group, a global firm whose primary goal is to create innovations in the field of finance.

IFC Markets Education

Trading is made up of various aspects. Brokers are well aware of and completely understand the requisites for a successful trading venture. Apart from aiming at raking in handsome profits, brokers work toward guiding their clients through various trading strategies, making their relationship a win-win situation. 

Materials of instruction are available through an online bin. The source includes video tutorials, CFD and Forex Trading books, and Trader’s Glossary. Within site, also included in the Education category, one can find the following:

Introduction to trading

Working on a platform

Start trading

 Market forecast

You can follow this link to get to the site:

Furthering its efficiency, IFC Markets’ client support team is well-versed with 18 foreign languages for its international clientele.

IFC Markets: Legitimacy

But the most pertinent concern is the company’s legitimacy. One would be interested to know that IFC Markets follows the stringent requirements of the British Virgin Islands Financial Services Commission (BVI FSC). Wholly a legal entity, IFC Markets is set up by IFC Markets Corp. and the British Virgin Islands. It is incorporated with IFCM Cyprus Limited that is listed under the CySEC.

European standards stringently impose rules and sanctions to IFC Markets. This makes it safe to transact business with. It observes the European Commission’s MiFID, thus ensuring benefits from the EEA.

Additionally, it takes repayment for Financial Institutions Insurance in the AIG EUROPE LIMITED.

Trading Platforms

IFC Markets enlists the aid of MetaTrader4 (MT4), MetaTrader 5 (MT5), and NetTradeX.

MT4 and MT5 are not at all challenging to use. These platforms are intuitive and completely accessible across multiple devices. All the software’s functionalities are customizable to answer to the trader’s needs.

NeTradeX, on the other hand, is also a trading software of repute. It makes use of the GeWorko Method for Portfolio Trading. The NeTradeX has standard trading instruments alongside those that are specially engineered by the company’s experts.

NeTradeX’s advisors permit the trading platforms to render insight. The platforms’ interface allows for first-hand information on positions and requests. It also makes use of custom markers and administrative utilities. These advisors perform through either manual mode or the calculations of a code.

Trading Costs and Spread

IFC Markets offers trading accounts, with either fixed or floating spreads. Demo accounts are also available for test procedures with virtual assets, thus making it possible for a user to run a simulation and try his or her luck out before delving into the real thing.

IFCM’s VIP accounts are highly-adaptable, have individual instruments that can be customized, free VPS access, have zero commissions on deposits and withdrawals, to mention a few.

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