Quebex – Crypto broker: reviews

Quebex review

Quebex is a Canadian striving to accommodate traders from Canada on different levels. It’s one of the less popular exchanges on market. Nevertheless, if something specific caught your eye, and if a platform is overall honest and reliable, who cares about its traffic rates?

In order to both see if it’s really reliable and if there’s something worth a caught eye, let’s see what reviews the users of Quebex left for it over the years. There won’t be too many, but you’ll still be able to draw a clear picture.

As to the notable features, let’s see what exactly Quebex can offer its customers.

What is Quebex?

Quebex is one of the handful (relatively speaking) platforms created by Canadians to help Canadians trade safely and reliably.

At least, it’s on their motto – ‘our mission is to provide the secure and easy way for traders of all levels’. Furthermore, on their ‘FAQ’ page you can learn that transactions don’t take too much time – Bitcoin needs less than 5 minutes to be purchased and about 30 minutes to be deposited to the platform.

There’s actually not much else in terms of information and technical specifications. The website itself is not very advanced. It’s positively littered with information, and in a very old-fashioned way, too. Regardless, Quebex can extend reliable services, primarily to Canadians, and specifically to the Quebecoise. They have several design solution for it:

  1. The trading is available in both English and French
  2. The transfers are allowed through Interac E-Transfer and Interac Online
  3. The trading is done chiefly in Canadian dollars
  4. Trading is only allowed to Canadian residents

As for technical specifications, Quebex is an intermediary in trading between the users. All exchanges are, more or less, but here it’s the closest it gets to the meaning of this word. On Quebex, you are trading directly with other users. The platform practically doesn’t get involved.

And trading itself is available in several currencies:

  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  • Litecoin

It’s not too much, but if Quebex really extends safe and reliable services, then this lack of variety is well-compensated.

Quebex review

The rating

Not many user aggregators feature Quebex. A few existing ones show varying ratings – from 3/5 to 4/5. It, however, doesn’t say anything, because there’s not user feedback associated with reviews, only bare numbers.

If you go through different forums and media, like Reddit – you’ll see a clearer picture of user experiences, but no rating attached. Now, let’s see what the customers say about Quebex.

The disadvantages

It’s really not easy to see what objectively bad qualities and flaws this website has. But after browsing through some forums, looking at the extensive professional reviews and the platform itself, you can grasp a general idea.

The support is poor. If the support even exists, it’ll likely not answer your questions. It would be blissfully good to think that they simply don’t interfere too much with the trading processes, but it’s probably just a hands-down attitude. The platform is very lethargic, that’s the general flaw.

If you live in Montreal (their location), you can try and known on their door to ask them your questions. It’s likely that no one ever tries this, and there may not even be any building at the address they’ve given you.

The quality of the exchanges can vary. Again, it’s likely that they don’t even try to do their job as an intermediary exchange between the traders. The entire operation seems too sleepy. You can wait years for your money to arrive. Given how most of the effort is coming from the users, it’s also possible that there are simply not enough users to constitute an adequate exchange.

One thing is apparent, though – all transactions are conducted very poorly. Perhaps long ago they had adequate speed and reliability, but no longer.

The advantages

It’s possible you could find even more flaws in this platform. However, it’s unclear whether all the bad aspects – delays, technical issues and support absence – are scam or simply poor performance. You can see several benefits, however. That is, if you stay long enough to witness them.

The trading is focused on providing help to people from Canada. It’s a very strict policy – no person outside of this country is permitted to trade here, and you’ll have to trade in Canadian dollars exclusively. It may be regarded as a disadvantage, but it is a small benefit for several reasons.

There aren’t many strictly Canadian exchanges. Even such a half-dead broker as Quebex is a good thing, because it makes the entire trading process faster for Canadian users.

The trading fees aren’t bad. It’s certainly a good option for people with tight budgets. The fees aren’t too high – only 1% for selling and buying. It’s one of the lowest rates in Canada, and you can trust the owners to not charge fees, because they’ll probably not notice that you exist on their website.

In conclusion

Quebex is frankly not the best option – not because it’s a scam or the prices are terrible. On the contrary, these are probably the least realistic accusations. All things considered, Quebex slowly dies, that’s why they don’t bother checking if someone asks for tech support.

However, if some benefits of those highlighted above are interesting to you, and if you want to use this advantage before the platform dies completely, you’re free to visit it and try trading here. 

Don’t forget: you won’t be able to, if you aren’t a Canadian.