Evaluating TRADE99`s legitimacy – a cryptocurrency broker


If one is looking for a cryptocurrency brokerage firm equipped with prime solutions, it is best to subscribe to Trade99.

With its championed system designed to function efficiently, services are sure to render clients the most favorable trading conditions.

More than this, its wide plethora of commodities is enough to guarantee that clients will get the best trading experience. These are just some of the reasons that have taken Trade99 to the current pedestal it is on. The company’s pursuit of providing supreme solutions is what makes it stand out from the rest.


This article intends to carry out an intensive assessment of this particular broker. More so, to deliberate on its overall system, including its technicalities. To conduct such is highly necessary to supply answers as to why it has tight adhesion in the market and why despite minimal setbacks continues to thrive in a highly competitive environment.

Established cryptocurrency brokers had a tough time securing their names as they have to pass inspections and meet certain requirements initially. Some of these requirements are issues on security, smoothness on transactions, offered solutions and services, and the company’s legitimacy. These are all important for cryptocurrency brokers to be a reputable name. Since Trade99 is known to possess these standards, it is safe to say that reviews and online feedbacks come incongruent with the company’s promise. 


Upon checking Trade99’s official site, one-liners and details are presented to entice clients. One laudable bonus it offers is the opportunity of clients to win a car, which all of us can agree with is quite compelling. The industry is in tight competition, and when it comes to features, Trade99 is doing a great job. 


  • Client-friendly and considerate leverage
  • Offers in-demand cryptocurrency pairings 
  • Implements market and limit orders
  • Reduce the level of risks through hedging strategies


Though there are numerous things worthy of attention, what greatly hook clients are the awards and recognitions that Trade99 bagged from years of service. These acknowledgments attest that Trade99 is rooted in reliability, and its acquired accreditations are an indication of illustrious services that the brokerage company exhibit ever since it was introduced to the public.


True that there are notable things that Trade99 offers. One of them is how it advances learning and education for its clients. This scheme is helpful enough to arm traders from risks and to equip them with knowledge crucial in trading fully. Adequate education and knowledge are vital to have exponential profits. While the concept is provided in Trade99, it only shows how viable this cryptocurrency broker is. 


Ever since this brokerage firm was introduced for masses’ interest, it also filed for licenses and permits enough to establish its clean upholding. These certifications are evidence of the company’s records, including how it passed inspections and how it honestly complies with regulations and policies implemented within the industry. With the Dominican Republic license, clients are ensured the Trade99 met standards and satiated specific criteria for authorities to approve its operations, services, and solutions.  


The permit mentioned above is made transparent for the public’s confirmation, and one can consult the Dominican Republic Commission to validate and personally check Trade99’s credentials. An agency representative will have all the queries attended and answered. The permit, as mentioned above, mandates them to operate under policies implemented by authorities fully. This signifies that traders can enjoy a safe and secure trading venture. 

By subscribing to authority-monitored and industry-acknowledged cryptocurrency firms, traders are secured from financial dangers, and all while risks are kept at bay. To entirely negate dangers and to avoid mounting losses, intensive review and background check must be conducted before subscribing to such. Variables, including years of experience, effectiveness, and conductivity, must be put under close observation.


Security precedes all other functions and features of Trade99. This came to be its flagship as the platform offers intensive security integrated into its fund-related transactions. Trade99 made sure to collaborate and have partnerships only with those of reputable bank associates, including Mastercard and Visa. Through these financing methods, rapid and seamless withdrawal and deposits are guaranteed. A safe deposit method must be a prerequisite when clients choose brokers. With Trade99, security without sacrificing convenience is the topmost priority. 


Similar to how depositing is executed, traders are also granted a convenient way of withdrawal under Trade99. As much as smooth deposit execution is necessary, the withdrawal must be the same or even smoother since fund turnaround matters heavily for clients. If withdrawal and deposit method seem rough and are posing anomalies, better opt-out from using it. What matters most to clients are funds, and fund-related transactions will either break a brokers’ name if it appears to be problematic. 


Trade99 provides four options when it comes to accounts. These accounts are standard, silver, gold, and premium. Similar to the quotation practice within the cryptocurrency industry, the initial deposit starts at $250. If customers fail to assess which account best suits his or her preferences, live chat is available to offer help and guide for clients. It’s of great convenience and ease since it has a Whatsapp version. 


Another convincing feature that Trade99 presents is its employment of MetaTradeR4 as its primary platform. It can be noted that MT4 is widely acclaimed for its trading solutions, and with the use of such, trade orders and placements are rapidly executed. Following user and account setup, the platform displays a relatively huge amount of trading tools and instruments to facilitate and aid in trading. 


Though all requirements, as mentioned earlier, are what constitute a conducive system, good customer support summarizes all. A good trading platform must be wired with adequate customer service and support in forms of real-time communication outlets. Such must be ready and must facilitate customers’ queries, all while rendering precise and comprehensive answers. When it comes to trading robots, legitimacy must also be considered. Subscribe to brokers with established records and history.


What makes Trade99 an estimable brokerage firm is its faithful provision of a system equipped with the most favorable conditions. More so, it has been established as a legitimate brokerage firm through a legal method of acquiring licenses. The top-tier system, customer-service features, and security are all wrapped up in one platform that is Trade99. With its optimum and advanced wires, clients can enjoy trading with a promise of exponential gains.



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